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It's my favourite time of the month!! I love Vegan Cuts monthly subscription box because all the products are amazing and cruelty free/vegan!!! I literally love everything from March's box.

Pacifica "Tunisian jasmine lime"- I started with this first because it is my favourite thing from the box!! I have been wanting to try Pacifica for forever. Every time I go to Whole Foods I always spray their perfumes. I love how they included a roller ball! You get so much and it's way better then getting a sample! The scent is so beautiful. Its fresh and great for summer. I love how you can really smell the lime :)

Earthlab Cosmetics Eye Liner- The packaging is so cute! I love how it says vegan in huge letters and looks like an actual pencil. I wore it today actually and it didn't smudge or run. It lasted all day. It's not the blackest pencil out there but it's definitely black and not grey.

October Fields Candle- OK it's no secret I love "mahogany woods" candle from Bath and Body works but I think this might just be better. It has chamomile in it but it smells so fresh but still that musky-ness that I love so much. Amazing scent.

Shea Radiance Body Wash- This black soap body wash with coconut oil is the bomb. It smells super minty which I love in the morning!!

DermOrganic 8 Way Thermal Spray- Ah I love how this is vegan!! I only tried this once and I loved the way it made my hair feel and smell! It has 8 amazing benefits from heat protection to strengthening damaged hair to adding shine to smoothing frizz!!

Everclen Eye Cream- I have my tried and true eye cream that I love and will be sharing shortly in an upcoming updated face routine. BUT I tried this out a couple times (I will be using it after my current one runs out) and I really enjoyed it. It is thick but not sticky and really moisturizes! I'm really excited to use it :)

Thank you so much again Vegan Cuts! I can not wait for Aprils box :):)



Ahh my fellow vegans you're going to be in love with this box! I'm sure most of you have heard about Vegan Cuts but if not they are a monthly beauty subscription box! The box comes with 4-7 products that are either deluxe samples or full size!!   Beauty products are so expensive these days especially organic and natural ones. Vegan Cuts is only $19.95 a month... So good!! This was sent to me but you guys know that I am the realist b word out there and this is my honest opinion. All the codes I have included came in the box so anyone that received this box would have the same codes :)

For everyone asking YES I cut my hair :):) I am so happy with it and haven't wanted my long hair back... Yet lol
Now onto the box

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm "gingerbread"- I was so excited to get the gingerbread flavour because it's Christmas time!! There are literally hundreds of different scents and flavours of Crazy Rumors lip balms. This is my first 100% natural and vegan lip balm! And I love it!! The packaging is so cute. Use the code "VCUTS20" for 20% of your next order :)

Demes Natural Products Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover- I have not tried this yet but I am so excited because cleansing oils are my ISH. This oil contains olive oil and castor oil (which helps with eyelash growth) that remove makeup and cleanse your face without stripping or damaging your skin with chemicals!! Sounds amazing to me :) Use the code "LeapingBunny20" for 20% off!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Blush "sweet sixteen"- My hopes weren't high for this blush... Not sure why. But it has slowly become a staple because I haven't stopped using it since I got it. I've told you guys before that I have always had a problem with my blush staying all day. This blush is bright on my cheeks till I take it off at night. It is blendable and the perfect colour. The colour is like you have been laughing for a while or you've been out in the cold <3 Use the code 

Auromere Toothpaste- I haven't liked many natural toothpastes in the past. They all taste so weird! This one is definitely one of the better ones. It is a beige colour which is different! It taste just like normal toothpaste and foams so much! It isn't the stronger mint scent just a warning.

Acure Organics Cell Stimulation Face Mask- JUST used this and o m g. I have not been that shocked after using a beauty product in a long long time. My skin is beyond soft. Like so soft. It claims it removes toxins, firms and softens skin. It did just that. My skin feels so clean but not tight and dry. I will be buying a full size for sure. Use the code "VeganCutsACURE20" for 20% off your purchase!

Concrete Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow "smut"- I haven't had the chance to try this yet but I've swatched it a bunch and one thing I have noticed is the swatch stays on my hand for so damn long!! Which is an amazing thing. The colour is a taupe-grey-brown. It kind of reminds me of "satin taupe" from Mac. This shade would be cool as a liner!

Honestly guys I am so happy with my box and couldn't recommend Vegan Cuts more. Thank you guys so much!! Vegans and any beauty lovers check this out and check out these great beauty finds! 

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday season!!! I am so excited for 2016. I have so many things planned for us. My New Years resolution is just to be happy and positive and work hard!! I'd like to take this time and give my girl Pam a special shoutout. You always take the time to comment and like my posts... Your support makes me so happy and seeing your name in my notifications makes me even happier. You are so appreciated... Go check out Pam <3



My life has changed since I switched to a MINIMAL natural skincare line. My life has changed because my skin has never been clearer and therefore I have never felt so confident. I used to layer and layer on products every morning and night. Serum after serum after toner.

Now, I simply remove my makeup with the The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Balm, which is amazing. I love this stuff because it literally melts your makeup off. I apply it dry and massage all my face and eye makeup off. You could technically use coconut oil for this but I just have loved this stuff for years.

I then get my face wet and use the Cerave Hydrating cleanser! I have dry skin and this stuff is awesome for that. It doesn't strip your skin or make it feel tight. Cerave is cruelty free :).

After this I put organic, raw coconut oil on to moisturize. I make sure I put some on my brows and lashes to condition :) 

A few times a week I will cut a lemon slice and apply it all over my face to help lighten my acne scars. This is a miracle worker. You may have to dilute this with water for the first couple times you use it (stinging is normal). I am used to it so I just put the slice straight on my face! I do this before coconut oil! I always laugh when people say "I have oily skin why would I put coconut oil on my face??" This will not make your face more oily. Coconut oil has antibacterial benefits that's will keep your skin clear and fight acne. It also has anti ageing benefits as well as hydrating benefits that we all need no matter what your skin type is.  
Every other day I exfoliate. I have very dry skin and when I don't exfoliate I get so flakey. After doing this every other day I was so surprised at how much smoother my skin was and how much my acne scars have faded! Here's my next secret... BAKING SODA! Baking soda has lightening agents (I use it to whiten my teeth). It seems crazy but put some in your hand and mix some water to create a paste. It will almost give you a mild microdermabrasion. The baking soda is very fine and is so good with exfoliating.

In the morning I splash my face with some water and pat it dry! I don't wash my face in the morning because it didn't get dirty from sleeping. I then apply more coconut oil onto my face! I don't apply it to my lashes or brows as I am going to put mascara and pencil on. OMG this leads me to my next point... Adding beauty oils to your foundation! This will change your life! I use a cream foundation so I put the coconut oil first then the foundation. If you use liquid you can put some on the back of your hand then mix the oil in! Any oil will work; jojoba oil, argan, rose hip etc! 

The best piece of advice I can give you is keep things simple and let things breathe! I know when we get zits all we want to do is layer stuff on it that we think will make it go away faster. That's not the case though. In the long run using a few natural things that have great benefits will keep things at bay! Try this out and let your skin get use to it and see the results! This is also including doing a face mask about twice a week as well. If you would like to know my favourite masks I will definitely do a post!


A bit about my hair: my hair gets oily by the next day. I don't blow dry or put any heat on my hair, EVER. Maybe once every 6 months. I only use these hair ties which don't damaged your hair. I use a silk pillowcase to prevent any breakage. I never ever brush my hair when it's wet. I don't die my hair either! The only thing I do is is watch it ever other day which isn't the best because you should wash your hair at least as possible. My hair is so oily that I have to.

I started Googling the best shampoos for oily hair and the Matrix Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset shampoo one came up. I kept that at the back of my mind. Then I went to the salon in the mall and told the lady that I had oily hair and right away she recommended that one. So of course I bought it right away. She recommended the Matrix Biolage Volume Bloom conditioner because my hair doesn't need that much moisture and anything heavy would weigh it down. Before I was using a conditioner for dry/damaged hair which was so heavy for my ends. I love this combo! It really has maintained my oily hair.

I love using the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play (volumizing and texturizing powder) as a dry shampoo. I've told you guys in the past that I have tried EVERY dry shampoo out there; Batiste, Oscar Blandi, Garnier, Tresemme, Drybar etc. Spray dry shampoos do not work for me. They make my hair more dirty, smelly and heavy. I tried using powder ones and find that they work way better. I like the Lush "no drought" one too. The Big Sexy Hair one gives me a lot of volume but dries up all the oils too!

If you ever get that sweat smell on your scalp (gross but we all get it) put some lavender oil on your scalp! Works like a charm.

After I let my hair dry and before I brush it I will put a small amount of CHI Silk Infusion on my ends. I've used this for years and always come back to it. I think it's awesome. (I literally can't find my bottle anywhere ah!! Sorry)

If you have oily hair and have any tips leave them below :):)



Really sad September is over... I don't want the freezing cold #Canadianprobs.

DKNY Be Delicious Perfume- A little back story - this was my first perfume I ever bought like 4 years ago. I didn't even buy the full size I got the roller ball haha. I was in New York last month and saw it and died! I had to get it. So happy I did, brought back so many memories. It smells so crisp and fresh. I always get compliments when I wear it. I would say it is more fruity then floral but not sickly... Very light! Just go and smell it because you will not be disappointed. I will always have this in my collection from now on.

Colgate Optic White Whitening Pen- So excited to talk about this!! I will try anything that claims to whiten my teeth. I'm a huge fan of the Crest Brillance boost which I use after I brush my teeth (I use Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste, which is the best). I saw the Optic Whitening pen in the drugstore and had to try it. I am the biggest idiot for not taking before and after pictures!! So mad at myself. Anyways, it comes with a toothbrush (which I haven't used yet since I just got a new one) and the pen. You twist and apply the gel on every tooth then go! I don't eat and drink for like 20 minutes to let it do its work. The gel literally grips to your teeth. It doesn't slip at all. I swear I have never felt the slightest bit of sensitivity. I always have the worst sensitivity with white strips. Guys, I can't explain how crazy it was that I saw results the first time I used it. I use it once a day! It takes no time at all (not sponsored haha its just awesome!!).

City Color Ooh Lala Palette- I just talked about this! You can read a full review HERE. You can literally do a million... Billions looks with this palette. It's so great for fall. You have your neautrals, your darks, and your pop of colours! I can't find it online so if you ever see it, pick it up forsure.

H&M Platform Sneakers- I have to say these are my favourite shoes I own to date. I have always wanted platform sneakers but I didn't like how some had too much platform. I didn't want to go for the punk look. These get the message across that you are wearing platform sneakers but it's not too much! I love how plain they are! They go with literally everything!!! I have so much confidence in these shoes. I got them in New York so they always remind me of one of the best trips I've ever taken :) Oh and I think anyone can rock these!!

Henna!- I have wanted to get henna done for ages now!!! I can't explain how beautiful I think henna is. UGH. So my best friend Famida is a henna artist! So for months I have been begging her to do my henna (she lives about an hour away so we don't get to see each other that often) so finally SHE DID!!! She is so talented! She actually gave me a cone to practise but I think I need....alot...of practice...lets just say that ahah. BUT Famida is unreal. Thank you so much for my beautiful artwork on my hands and I can't wait to get more and more!



I am so so so excited to say this post is in collaboration with my girl Pam...Pam Scalfi that is. Not only is her blog friggen amazing but she is on another level! If you love everything beauty and fashion you need to check her blog out NOW! Pam you are oh so beautiful. Go check her out to see what nail and lip colours she is loving for this upcoming fall season :)

Fall is where I wear dark vampy lip colours because I can. Once it starts getting chilly and the leaves start changing I feel obligated to wear dark purple and red! Who am I!!!

Milani Lipstick "68 matte iconic"and Essence Lipliner in "14 femme fatale". Best red lipstick out there in my opinion! It is so smooth and creamy and bright and long lasting! When I am in a rush I love just using the Essence lip liner in "femme fatale" to line and fill in my lips. Lip liners are so great because they last for ages and don't feather. These two together are definitely a power couple. I talked about these HERE but they aren't too orangey or too pinky! A true red.
Grizzly!!! Ahaha sorry I had to.

Loreal "persistent plum"- This is my safe lip colour for fall. Whenever I am doing a clients makeup and they want something darker I always go for this because it looks good on EVERYONE. I mean everyone. I always get so many compliments when I wear it

Mac "whirl" Lip Liner- I've talked about my love for this beautiful liner before! I heard this is Kylie Jenners fave too! This is supposed to be "your lips but better" kind of shade but I'm so pale that it looks like a dark mauve/brown! It's so gorgeous and great for over lining the lips :) Liners are so great because they last so long! "Whirl" will always be a classic!

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss "fabulous fuchsia"- I don't know why Essence called this shade fuchsia because clearly it's not fuchsia. I like to call this my "sexy wine" lipgloss lol! It is just the most sexy girly colour! It is also so damn pigmented for a gloss too! I think you all know my love for Essence but I have a whole brand focus HERE :)

Again guys, go check out Pam! Not only is she my friend but she is an amazing writer and has a true eye for beauty and fashion! Tell her I sent you xo



I stumbled by this while I was spending almost an hour at the beauty section of Marshall's. I immediately took a double look at all 10 shades and couldn't believe how stunning and how me this palette was. The colours scream fall and unfortunately it is going to start getting cold! In this palette you have matte shades, shimmer shades, neutral shades, dark nighttime shades and of course a few pops of colour. OH and I think the most important thing is it comes with a matte white to highlight :). The packaging is so thin so even though it is quite long (a hand and a half), it kind of makes up for it.

You can literally make countless looks with the "Ooh La La" palette. I will be posting a tutorial/look very soon! :)

I love the shimmery brick red shade ,"Champs Elysees" (5th one from the left) Ah stunning. MY two favourite shades have to be "Louvre", burnt mauve/pink, (3rd from the left) and "Arc de Triomphe", warm beige, (2nd from the left) . They are the most amazing matte colours that work as transition shades for ANY look. "Macaron" is a gorgeous matte darker pink shade (first colour on left). "Macaron" would look great with "Seine" (4th colour from left) because it's the shimmery version! "Notre Dame", dark charcoal with purple undertones (last colour), and "Eiffel Tower", black with purple shimmer (second last colour) , are great for darkening up all the looks.

I love the Paris theme too! I really think this palette is a great staple in any collection because of how diverse it is and how many looks you can get. AS you can see, the colours are very pigmented. I would just say that if you blend too much you might blend some colours away so you will need to add more. All in all, 4.5 stars for me! This palette makes me so excited and I have been excited about a palette in forever! Good 12 bucks spent.